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Our two services


Enterprise Support

Polars Enterprise Support goes beyond the vibrant open-source community, offering you additional benefits that perfectly align with your enterprise needs.


  • Get priority
    on critical bugs
    Do you rely on Polars for your day-to-day operations? Our enterprise support program ensures that any critical bugs you face get prioritized and resolved immediately, reducing your downtime and development time.
  • Get recognized as a Sponsor In acknowledgment of your contribution to the project, your company logo will be prominently displayed on our website. This presents a powerful opportunity to connect with potential hires from our thriving community of active developers.
  • Priority support on getting features on our road map Do you wish a feature was available in Polars? At Polars we have a strong vision and direction for the project. We do take feature requests with priority into consideration if they fit within our road map.
  • Private consultations with core developers of Polars 1-on-1 sessions on a private video call or messaging channel, open format discussion or a deep dive into a specific use case. Invaluable if you want to ensure your query is designed optimally.
  • Private release channel with nightly builds Do you want to use the latest edge of features of Polars? Then our private release channel with nightly builds gives you easy access, no need to build and compile yourself, just pip install.
  • Training & coaching
    Ensure everyone on your team uses Polars optimally and get training directly from the founders of Polars. Get informed on a wide array of topics ranging from the basics to cutting edge features such as our new plugins.

Our Offerings

With our Enterprise Program, you're able to rely on Polars for your daily operations. Contact us now and use Polars to its full potential!

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Polars Cloud

Experience the power of Polars in a hassle-free, fully-managed environment. With Polars Cloud, say goodbye to the complexities of data management. Our robust platform empowers your team to focus on insights rather than infrastructure as we take care of the heavy lifting. The platform is currently under development. Want to receive updates? Sign up to our newsletter below.


Everything you
need to know

Who is behind these services?

Polars BV was founded by Ritchie Vink (author of open source Polars) and Chiel Peters. The company employs a team of core developers who are fully dedicated to maintaining and improving Polars. Together with developers from the open source community, we drive the project forward.

Are there any requirements on feature requests?

Yes. At Polars, we have a strong vision for the project and cannot accept every feature request. It has to fit within the road map and vision of the project. This ensures that we can provide the quality and consistency of Polars that you expect.

Do you provide service level agreements?

Our enterprise program does not provide service level agreements yet. If you are interested, please contact us at info@polars.tech for details.

Do you have any other questions, please reach out to info@polars.tech


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